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Friday, February 17, 2012

4 Revealing R's

One way to reflect on your leadership impact is to periodically consider the 4 R's- Results, Relationships, Reputation and Resilience.
  • Results: What are you striving for? Are you achieving the outcomes you desire? Does what you contribute add value? Does what you are working on enliven or deplete?
  • Relationships: Who matters to you? What is the quality of your interaction with others? What relationships are evolving, dying or stagnant? Where are you dependent, independent or interdependent? 
  • Reputation: How are you perceived? What is your status in your organization? Is it accurate? Is it current? What PR is needed?
  • Resilience:  How flexible are you? Do you anticipate, avoid, fight or ignore change?
Your answers to the 4 R's will create a 5th. Revelation...the cornerstone of change!

Source: A client shared this model but the original source is unknown.

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