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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Balance or Congruence?

Work-life balance seems to be a constant challenge for those doing more with less. While the intent of this competency is for us to be healthy, happy and fulfilled the verbiage can actually create stress.

Career is one aspect of life. It not the opposite of home/family. Balance is not static. It requires subtle movement. Who you are is ever present regardless of the role you are playing.

What if work-life balance isn't about the hours you spend in one place or another, but about congruence. The more aligned and awake you are in all areas of life the less energy you'll spend trying to balance something that inherently can't be. Here are a few questions to get you started:
  • Do your personal values and the organizations align? 
  • Are you different at home and at work? How so? What do you gain? lose?
  • Does your inhale equal your exhale?
  • Do your four intelligences (physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitive) work together?
  • How do you show up in different roles (mother, boss, soccer player, team member, sister, customer, board member, volunteer, etc.)?
  • Where are your authentic and egoic selves at odds?
  • What supports your capacity to do and be?
  • How much unnecessary tension do you hold in your body? (Try standing straight using only 10% muscle)
  • Do your thoughts, words and actions match?

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