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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Serving or Pleasing?

If you are high in complying strategies on The Leadership Circle Profile or spend a lot of time trying to please your boss, your colleagues or your customers to no avail, check out this 20 minute audio program http://www.box.com/shared/v08xbcyrsq by Steve Chandler, He distinguishes between serving (making a difference) and pleasing (winning people over).

Many think being of service means pleasing and so become martyrs or victims.

Mr. Chandler provides a great example of 2 types of vacuum salesmen from the good old days. One salesman shares all the features and benefits of a vacuum, has beautiful brochures and a soothing voice. He tries to be a friend and win people over. The other salesman dumps dirt on the carpet and cleans it up with the vacuum. He shows what the vacuum can do instead of promoting it. Guess who sells more vacuum cleaners?

Service is about focusing on others more than yourself (but not at the expense of yourself). Whether you are selling products, services or ideas it's a worthy distinction.

Thanks Danielle for the resource!

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