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Monday, July 9, 2012

Reflection, Contemplation and Leadership?

Thanks to whoever sent me the book "Leadership Wisdom From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma.

The first insight I appreciated (other than the fun title) was, "Reflection and contemplation are among the most important of all business skills." 

We don't often think of these leadership competencies as a part of business (or busy-ness) and yet what if they were?

Imagine an office where people (regardless of title) allowed time and space for the wisest part of them to lead by:
  • Staring out the window 
  • Pausing and regrouping between meetings
  • Sitting with their legs up on a desk pondering
  • Attending to energetic and emotional shifts (in self and others)
  • Being outside for breaks or lunch
  • Listening beneath words
  • Walking mindfully
  • Asking, "Is it my assignment?"
  • Responding to biorhythms
  • Breathing more deeply
  • Aligning with seasonal cycles
  • Allowing silence to reveal 
  • Meditating
  • Appreciating calm and quiet
What difference would these practices make to leadership, team and organizational health? Try a few (or make up your own) and see for yourself.

For more explore www.robinsharma.com/resources. And....for those of you who devalue your expertise, Mr. Sharma also has a great story about Pablo Picasso. He drew a little sketch for an admirer later in his career and then asked for $1 million dollars. The lady replied, $1million dollars for 30 seconds?"He said, "My dear, it took me 30 years to draw that in 30 seconds."

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