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Monday, September 30, 2013

What's Your Job?

Most people respond to the question, “What is your job?” with a title or position description. According to Fred Kofman author of Conscious Business, “Your job isn’t what you do but the goal you pursue.” It's the difference between:
  • Teaching or helping students learn
  • Leading a team or bringing humanity back to the workplace
  • Programming computers or enabling clients to get work done faster and better
  • Driving a taxi or assisting people to get where they want to go
  • Playing quarterback or helping a football team win
  • Managing projects or improving patient care
  • Delivering flowers or bringing a smile to others
  • Running a company or making the world a better place
If your response gets to the essence of your real work it enlivens! Click here for more from Mr. Kofman.

Thanks Lyndee for resource.

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