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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trust Consciousness

Trust is foundational to leadership and team performance. If you have "it" you can have more fun and get the job done. If you don't, you start over each time in every interaction. The first consideration in building trust is to understand your own trust consciousness. To what degree do you trust?

Is trust earned, given or never possible? Who do you trust and why? Who don't you trust and why not? What are your underlying beliefs, experiences, mindsets and assumptions about trust?

Next, consider if you are trustworthy by exploring two kinds of trust - Competence and Character.
  1. Competence is about capability and results. Do you have the ability to do your job, deliver desired outcomes, address real issues, clarify expectations and take responsibility for mistakes?
  2. Character is about integrity and intent. Do you do walk the talk, follow-through, talk straight, exhibit no hidden agendas, care, right wrongs and share credit for accomplishments?
Experiment with smart trust (vs. blind trust) where you listen to understand, keep commitments and extend trust and notice what difference it makes.

For more check out www.speedoftrust.com.

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