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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mindset Intervention

Great article in the Times Who Gets to Graduate? citing that 40% of the students that get to college don't graduate and often those that do graduate come from affluent families. Why?

It's not about money but mindset. One finding from Laude and Yeager is that many students from less wealthy families interpret and internalize setbacks (poor grade on a test, argument with roommate, someone being mean, etc.) very differently than their counterparts. Plus when doubts about capability and belonging are reinforced at home, these students struggle even more.

Mindset interventions influence graduation rates and student well being. A mindset intervention doesn't necessarily change a core belief but it can change the meaning of a discouraging event from a permanent setback to a temporary one! It also builds resilience which is needed in any endeavor of merit.

Experiment with this idea. Think of a goal you are struggling with and ask:

  • What do I believe about my ability to fulfill my dream?
  • What skills do I need to succeed?
  • Who supports me as I pursue my new endeavor?
  • What self-talk is helping or hindering my progress?
  • How can I get my sense of humor back?
  • Do I need to eat some humble pie and move on?
  • What messages am I attending to?
  • What would I do if failure wasn't an option?
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