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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is Sitting Lethal?

Excessive sitting of 9 hours a day (which is more than most of us sleep) can be a lethal activity according to a Mayo Clinic Study. After 1 hour of unconscious sitting our metabolism slows down, the enzymes that burn fat decline, good cholesterol lowers, blood pressure elevates, the pancreas overproduces, backs tighten, joints shorten and the brain gets foggy.

If "sitting is the new smoking" what can we do, especially with the constant drive for output, innovation and agility in business today? Move and sit with greater awareness!

Experiment for yourself and notice the result:
  • Walk stairs instead of taking elevators
  • Stand up throughout a meeting (and don't harshly judge those that do)
  • Walk around the block or campus for your 1:1's
  • Run sprints or jump rope before an innovation or problem-solving session
  • Breath more deeply and fully
  • Stop and stretch every 90 minutes
  • Sit up straight and ergonomically correct
  • Meditate

Read Washington Post and HBR article for more. Thanks to Megan for the resource!

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